Given that you’ve gone so far as to be clicking around this web page, you are maybe a little bit possibly interested in how debate works at Carleton! We hope this information will entice you to join our esteemed and illustrious ranks!

So, Debate at Carleton. What?

The Carleton Forensics Society (as we are officially called) competes in Parliamentary Debate at the state and national level. We have two practices every week in Leighton 304, M/W at 8-9.

Parliamentary Debate? What’s that?

Parliamentary Debate (or parli, as most call it) has a number of forms, but Carleton specifically competes in NPDA style parli. Teams are composed of partners, and over six speeches the teams contest a topic given specifically for the round prior to prep time. There’s a lot more detail, so if you want to read more check out http://www.parlidebate.org/npda-rules/

Does Carleton compete in tournaments?

Yep! We compete in tournaments both in Minnesota and on the national circuit, which often have fairly different styles – we tend to go to a few tournaments each term.

Does Carleton win said tournaments?

Yes, sometimes.

Wow, you guys sound super duper cool! How can I join?

Come to practices! Or join the forensics email list, then come to practices! Or send an email to one of us, then come to practices! Practices!





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