In Which Dan Discovers That Small Towns Exist

It’s almost halloween again, which means that it’s time for the Vocal Viking! Ben, Josh, Dan, Jonah, and Weijia have successfully schlepped to Mankato, MN. The drive playlist consisted of a mix of “white girl music and Hamilton songs”, which several members actively sung along to. As we entered Elysian, MN, Dan was shocked to see a population listed at 652, a number which was apparently inconceivably low. It took a few minutes of stunned commentary on the number of streets, size of the houses (“shacks”), and the gas station called General  Store to adjust to this new reality, but Dan seems to now be comfortable with the concept of small towns. Fun fact: Mark Kirk is the “deadest incumbent from Illinois since Abraham Lincoln”. We’ll be posting more as the tournament progresses, but actually because there is a lot of down time in this schedule!

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