McSomething University, Day One

The Carleton Forensics Society is at their first tournament of the season at McKendree University in beautiful Lebanon, IL. A.k.a. McSomething University, which is what Dan called it when asking Google for directions while we were pulling out of Taco Bell. The theme of the day so far has been Evan McMullin jokes, such as when we got Evan McMuffins at the airport McDonald’s. We saw someone at the airport whom Dan thought looked like Evan McMullin, but it was really just a random bald white guy.

In other news, we are driving a bomb-ass 10-passenger van because the rental place wouldn’t rent SUVs to people under 25. Also, we saw a giant fluffy dog on campus, which Dan promptly posted to Dogspotting.

Round 1 in 20 minutes.

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