Save the Polar Bears

Just a quick update on the debate team’s progress at state.

Round 4: This house affirms the rights of animals

Ben/Josh were gov, and went full vegetarian and banned the slaughter of birds and mammals for consumption. Their opponents argued 1) That this wasn’t realistic and 2) That we should only ban factory farms. In an astonishing change from their usual conservative core, Ben/Josh argued that radical ideas are important for debate, and also that reality is a secondary concern. Which is probably the governing principle of their debate philosophy anyways.

Amanda/Carolyn were opp, and were able to determine that the role of the ballot was to affirm the rights of humans, which runs a fair bit counter to the resolution. In a great victory for feminism, this was an all-girl round. Take that, patriarchy!

Cal/Chris were opp, and their opponents argued that polar bears have a right to not die. It’s still unclear what their advocacy is beyond that polar bears shouldn’t die. Cal/Chris felt that this didn’t leave them too much ground, because they don’t actually think polar bears should die. What softies. They argued for subsets topicality, because it’s probably abusive if you can just pick any animal you think is good and argue for it.

Both Cal/Chris an Ben/Josh broke to quarters! There is much excitement. The obligatory banquet blog post will come later, hopefully along with updates from the out rounds.

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