Going Further Right

A brief update for the historical record:

In octafinals, Ben and Josh affirmed (by the way, it took until round 7 for them to realize that the tournament schedules and ballots said “affirmative” and “negative” instead of “government” and “opposition”) on the topic The USFG should privatize social security. The other team was pretty far ahead on the util debate by the end of the block, so the PMR went all in on privatization good because individual freedom comes before any utilitarian impact. Unfortunately the judges weren’t so quick to endorse such a Randian utopia, and Carleton Debate finished their run at the Loyola National Warm-up on a 3-0 loss in octas.

Also, these were our trophies. Sadly, we had to donate them back to the tournament since we couldn’t bring them on our flights.


Overall, it was a good tournament, and everyone had fun despite all the time we spent waiting for the L.

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