Greece should get off the rock

Round 3: The United States Federal Government should pass Senate Bill 452 authorizing the president to arm Ukraine with lethal military aid.

Thomas/Amanda are opp, and are surprised to find that outside of Minnesota the topic can actually be the plan. They, like true patriots of Mother Russia, defended the honor of Vladmir Putin and denied any Russian involvement in Ukraine. Unfortunately for the glorious motherland, the judge had read the news at least once in the last year and didn’t buy this argument.

Ben/Josh are opp, and they read two disads, a Ukraine escalation DA and a Euro relations DA which was actually a double bind. Josh also made two contradictory uniqueness arguments on the gov case, arguing both that the US will remain the hegemon without the plan and that China or India will inevitably overtake the US as the hegemon. In the MOC, Ben extends both scenarios in the double bind as reasons to vote opp, creating additional confusion. However, the round ends up resolving in their favor, and the judge votes opp.

Round 4: Greece should exit the eurozone.

Both teams governed, and successfully channeled their economics knowledge to defend the Grexit. After the round, Ben and Thomas engage in a heated discussion over whether trade deficits lead to economic collapse.

Round 5: The United States Federal Government should pass H.R.5063 the American Space Technology for Exploring Resource Opportunities in Deep Space (ASTEROIDS) Act.

Thomas/Amanda are gov – their ongoing commitment to fairness and truth may have been a little bit of a problem, admitting that their arguments were new. Ben offered to teach them the ways of the dark side. They ran the topic as a plan, but their opponents argued that humans would be a “swarm of locusts” upon the galaxy, killing lots of species. In a theme of the round across many debates, the existence of aliens was not only argued for, but ultimately fairly important.

Ben/Josh are gov, and read innovation and get off the rock as advantages. The opposition reads a K about racial power structures and a bunch of reasons why space colonization is bad, including spreading diseases with aliens. The opp also confidently asserted that scientists have identified 20,000 extraterrestrial species that humans have not encountered yet. Ben and Josh manage to beat back the K with some crudely shoe-horned cap good arguments and Cal’s favorite perm/double bind, but the judge ended up voting opp on the pandemics turn. Both teams also learned that they should read their judges’ paradigms, since after the round the judge stated that they “hated the project” and would have loved to vote for Ben and Josh on theory.

Round 6: The United States Congress should grant Trade Promotion Authority to the President of the United States.

Both teams are opp, and both read a counterplan saying that the US should grant TPA but make it transparent. Josh/Ben pick up because their opponents neglected to perm the CP; Amanda and Thomas are not so lucky.

Note that this is the only point in the tournament thus far that Ben and Josh have had a better record than Amanda and Thomas, who are competing at their first parli tournament ever.

Records: Ben/Josh 3-3
Thomas/Amanda 2-4

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