Double Trouble

Round 1: The USFG should substantially expand its social services to those under the poverty line.

Amanda/Thomas get a bye this round, thus securing Carleton Debate’s first W of the season.

Ben/Josh are gov, and they run a plan that increases funding for the Corporation for Legal Services (or is it the Legal Services Corporation?), an organization that provides legal services to low-income Americans. The opp run a politics DA about Iran sanctions. In the MGC, Josh makes some responses on both the link and the impact that could plausibly be interpreted as either defensive or offensive, saying that conservatives would like the plan and that Iranian prolif prevents war because of deterrence. In the PMR, Ben extends the link arguments as link turns, and was about to go for the impact turn as well until Josh reminds him not to double turn himself.

The judge ends up voting opp, but he points out that he would have voted gov if Ben had gone for the impact turn, since the link turn was non-unique. So they effectively lost because they didn’t double turn themselves. Whoops.

Round 2: The USFG should increase progressive taxation.

Ben/Josh are opp, and they debate a team running a performance about white privilege. Josh decries them for being exclusionary by going fast and thus preventing Ben, a four year high school policy debater and Josh, a coach at a circuit-y LD program, from engaging with their arguments. But really he was just mad that he didn’t get to read his sick land-value tax CP. Ben/Josh lose the ballot, but they did acquire the judge’s and the opposing team’s sympathy for their plight as small-school debaters.

Amanda/Thomas drop as well, but they did successfully prove that their plan was topical, which is no small feat given that that was their first real T debate. The judge was also critical of their coach (aka Cal the strategy guru) for not preparing a more effective strategy against the CP.

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