Chi Town

Yes, that’s right. Carleton Debate has actually managed to show up to a tournament! Watch out for Musser freezing over this weekend.

After a brief fifteen minute ground excursion on an airplane without a functional engine, we made it to Chicago without too much hassle. A cab ride from a very friendly cabbie who introduced Ben to all the different neighborhoods of Chicago and pointed out some very stylish cars (2015 Mustang on the Eisenhower yo) brought us to Loyola at long last.

Our prep room is higher up than anywhere on Carleton’s campus, so take that, Watson. We’re getting ready for some intense debate – or playing up and down the river, as the case may be.

Fun fact! Despite living an hour north of Chicago, Thomas did not actually know what deep dish pizza is. Luckily for all of us, there’s a Giordano’s nearby, so this shouldn’t last too much longer.

Josh is pushing for our attending a 50 Shades of Valentines party that’s happening at Northwestern near our hotel tonight. We’re debating whether or not debate clothes are racy enough for the party.

We’ll try to be more interesting in the near future. Rounds start soon!

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