Third Time’s the Charm

After losing in finals two years in a row, Carleton has finally managed to take home a state championship.

Cal/Graham governed on the topic Resolved: This house believes that higher education is a matter of national security. We ran forgive all federal student loans for US citizens who get a graduate degree in STEM fields to help US heg and stop global warming (by creating more green technology).

The opp made a lot of true arguments that we probably miss-handled that said we don’t have uniqueness because we have enough STEM graduates already and that we couldn’t guarantee that people who get graduate degrees go into STEM jobs. Their two dissadds were that this increases the national debt and that it decreases the breadth of majors because fewer people would major in the humanities. Fortunately, Cal noticed that their disads solved the case for us, the debt DA only linked if lots of people actually get STEM degrees and the breadth DA only mattered if people did STEM jobs after graduating. Just like Miles’s practice round speech, the MO was really just the third gov debater.

At the awards ceremony, Graham and Cal convinced each other that they had actually lost the round. But the judges pulled through and we won on a 2-1. Cal picked up the second place speaker award as well. After that we stopped paying attention to who was winning the sweepstakes, until somehow for the first time in Carleton’s debate history (to my knowledge) we won debate sweepstakes. Cal/Graham were very confused, but gladly accepted more hardware. Then we checked out again and were just waiting to get ballots. Then somehow we also won the quality award, which goes to the school with the highest number of sweepstakes points divided by the number of entries. Turns out just being good at debate basically guarantees that award because for the past three years only Carleton and Olaf have won this award.

After examining the packet, we found out that Josh/BenW were the 13th seed (only the top 12 broke) and Miles/Chris were the 15th seed. But had any of Carleton’s teams lost one more round, we would have been third in debate sweepstakes and lost to Olaf for the quality award. So overall, everyone contributed to the victory. Well done team.

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