The Hobbesian/Lockean SocioGlobal Contract

Like basically every parli tournament, we had a drones round (also known as a smartphone round by Ben “Line-By-Liner” Strauss). Resolved: The US’s use of drones is justified. 

We were gov and once again channeled LD debate circa 2007 and ran drones need to be a tool in the tool box for US foreign policy where we just need one situation where it is justified. The opp team did respond though, so we dropped it because it was probably abusive. The round came down to us going for US heg and stopping terrorism and they argued for US hypocrisy leads to more violations of our sovereignty and we can’t pressure other countries to end human rights abuses. Their criterion was also the social contract, which gives the US obligations to citizens of all countries. In another channeling of old-school LD, they claimed both Hobbes and Locke would support government obligations to foreign citizens… The former LDer in me was very sad. 

This was a pretty good debate and was close at the end. Cal also didn’t tell the judges we were dirty cheaters this time. 

We won and are waiting for finals to start against Northwestern. 

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