Everybody Poops

Turns out we are hitting Olaf’s team with Alex on it. He and Kevin are no longer partners, which makes this a 50% rematch of finals from two years ago and a 75% rematch from quarters/round 1 last year.

Quarterfinals: In the case of health care policy, this house would flush it.

For those who didn’t lose 2.5 hours of their life last night, this was a reference to a speech given by the guest speaker at the banquet (aka the Jedi). A football team she works with has a toilet on the sidelines where they go to “flush the bad thoughts away.”

Cal’s thought was that most people would assume “flush it” meant repeal Obamacare, but we should flush away citizens bad thoughts about Obamacare so that they sign up in the exchanges. Multi- privateactor mindset shift fiat is probably good right? The advantages were medical innovation (increasing coverage increases consumer base) and expensive health care reinforces the poverty health trap, death, gov spending, and more death. Olaf ran T on US citizens being the actor and said that bad thoughts probably weren’t the real cause of lack of enrollment.

After the round, we talked with the judges about how the fracking topic last year was pretty bad. Alex mentioned that they learned a lot having three NIBs ran on them, and Cal said, “Yeah we cheated pretty hard core that round.” In front of all of the judges. … Whoops.

As we waited for the decision to be announced Cal convinced himself that if we lost it would be because of that line. But we won, so it wasn’t that bad. On to semis against Bethany Lutheran.

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