Day Two: The Final Countdown

Cal/Graham cleared through the partial octofinals without having to debate. We don’t think we were 4-0, so maybe three and a half hours of sleep and no belt is the optimal pre-tournament preparation. Unfortunately, despite remembering a belt and shaving this morning, Graham decided to leave his tie at home. Fortunately, speaker points no longer matter. 

Octofinals: THBT the current distribution of wealth in the US is morally wrong. 

Cal/Graham decided to watch St. Cloud SW v St. Olaf EP. Cal nearly left in a fit of rage when the PMC began without thanking anyone. He almost “for shamed” them, but was distracted by Facebook. Graham gave them props for yolo-ing. The gov plan was “raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour.” 

Olaf ran pseudo-T saying that this was a values topic, but did also have a lot of DAs to the plan. Graham thinks this is one of the only debates he’s seen with an actual discussion of economics. It wasn’t just a series of examples. More live blogging to come. 

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