The Second Tournament of the Year

After failing to start the Prius (for the second time), we made our way to the state tournament at Gustavus. Fortunately, we were on time due to driving fast enough that the doppler effect hindered the delivery of our PMCs.

Several of the Outhouse based team members had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. As in, forgot to put on a dress shirt (Miles) and forgot to put on a belt (Graham). Miles’s strategy is to hope his opponents forget to make arguments as they get lost gazing into the endless forest of his chest hair. Turns out Ben White doesn’t have dress shoes too. Classic policy debater.

Round 1: Minnesota should prefer environmental safety over economic growth.

The two gov teams (Josh/Ben W and Chris/Miles) both ran gas taxes, and tried to redistribute the wealth like the hippie communists they are. Miles also told Chris to go full circuit debate mode and run topical counterplans bad theory, but Chris decided that he would rather win the round.

The opp teams had different exercise. Cal/Graham debated a values case and just defended American capitalism like patriots. Sam/BenS hit a plan that hired more MN Wildlife officials to inspect every boat in every lake for zebra mussels. Sam decided that the better name would be tiger clams and said that it would be impossible to inspect every boat. The opponents’ response was, “Yes, that is true.”

PS: Chris’s fun fact of the day: He lives on 507 S Maple St. in Princeton and freshmen year he lived in Watson, which is also on 507 Maple St. The more you know.

UPDATE: Chris has a second fun fact. New Jersey has more than one city, and he lives in it! Its called Baskin Robins.

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