The Internet is a series of NCLB bills and solar panels

Round 2 was: This house would reestablish “net neutrality.” 

Chris/Miles (Opp): Their opponents interpreted “net neutrality” to mean net neutral energy emissions and funded new solar panels in New Mexico. The pair decided to continue their moonlighting as policy debaters and ran politics and T. Miles told Chris he was thinking about collapsing to T in the MOC. Chris said, “No, fuck you. If you do I will cut you.” So Miles just yelled at the opponents for not understanding how fiat doesn’t solve the politics DA link and only 4 minutes of T. However, after the round he asked, “The Farm Bill hasn’t passed has it?” Ben’s answer, “Yeah last week.” Miles, “Fuck.” 

Sam/Ben (Gov): They decided to actually adopt the mantle of the Chinese Communist Party and douse the firewall. Their opponents said this would destabilize the government with political protests, to which Sam replied, “We are the government. We would just become better people to stop the protests.” Its nice when solvency is optional. 

BenW/Josh: Their opponents ran repeal No Child Left Behind. After a series of POIs Ben convinced them that the plan really became judge teacher quality on the grades they give on homework, then give the same lump sum to every school. Which is probably an awful idea. They also ran T. 

Graham/Cal: We thought this was a fairly straightforward topic, but apparently no one else did. We defended that the USFG should reestablish its net neutrality policy that was overturned. Apparently we forgot to tell the opp when we passed the plan though. So Cal filled them in during the PMR. We argued net neutrality was key to freedom of information (particlarly political activism) and microenterprises not getting gobbled up by the rainforest. They claimed big corporations will still dominate, that we should discourage students watching Netflix with studying in the background, and that capitalism was great. They wanted to have a pay to play system to ensure “survival of the fittest.” To which Graham responded, it would be the fittest, “It will be survival of the richest.” Mic drop. Then Cal yelled for 5 minutes to finish the round. 

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