The Innocence of Minnesota

Round 4: Yemen should hold a binding referendum to determine the sovereignty of its southern region.  

Chris/Miles and Joe/Ben were opposition.  Chris’s idea for a counterplan was to have Yemen just grant the southern region independence and avoid the very likely election violence.  Fortunately for all of them, none realized that this was actually just cleverly disguised object fiat.  Unfortunately, Ben/Joe’s opponents realized this.  They kicked the counterplan to get out of theory (thank god at least conditional object fiat is good), but that lost them the uniqueness on election violence.  Chris/Miles’s opponents didn’t notice this, and the counterplan solved case by fiating solvency the aff needed warrants for and avoided the disad.  

Graham/Cal were aff and angered another UPS team.  They ran two DAs, that the Yemen government is key to stopping terrorism in the region and that the Maoist contingent in India were looking for a flashpoint to start a revolution.  Naturally, the Yemeni vote was that flashpoint because the Maoists in India said that the Maoists in Yemen were their brothers.  Yeah we were a bit confused.  The block kicked terrorism and went for case defense and Maoist revolutions, but the PMR went for in the squo a civil war is inevitable in Yemen and thats probably a bigger stimulus to Maoist revolutions.  There were some pesudo new arguments about solvency, but they were sort of in the PMC/MG.  By that I mean the claims were all there with the warrants cleverly inserted as explanations of the PMC arguments.  The UPS team was very upset that they lost to podunk Minnesota again.  

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2 Responses to The Innocence of Minnesota

  1. Laura says:

    I agree with Justin. Plus every legitimate team needs an arch-nemesis!

  2. Justin says:

    I feel a bit like a jerk for saying this…but nice work with the pissing off UPS again.

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