Syria… Again

Round 5: The United States should militarily intervene in Syria.

Some of our alumni may find this topic familiar.  That’s because it is identical to a topic from last year.  Graham/Cal and Joe/Ben ran the same plan we did last year as well, that the US military should begin demining operations on the Syrian-Turkish and Syrian-Lebanon border.  Miles/Chris were going to run a counterplan that had Palestine give the supplies to the Syrian rebels, so that they could do whatever the aff was having the US do.

Unfortunately, every Carleton team lost this round.  Ben/Joe lost on T, Chris/Miles lost to the US bombing Assad’s chemical weapons.  Cal/Graham got a judge who would have fit right in in Minnesota.  She knocked to start the round, and said she had no tolerance for spreading.  We lost because the MG apparently made no arguments, so the PMR made only new arguments.  Maybe she should have been a strike.  Maybe.

Records: Chris/Mils 2-3, Cal/Graham 3-2, Ben/Joe 1-4


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