Da Drones! Da Drones!

Round 3:  Smartphones are a legitimate tool.  (Further background, in a wild moment of inspiration at the last plum, Ben and Joe realized that the topic “Smartphones don’t make us smart” really meant drones do not tell us anything because drones started as smartphones.  Don’t worry, you are as confused as we were.)

Chris/Miles:  Their opponents valued information and defended drones being used for police (finding criminals), science (flying into volcanoes), and small child tracking (…), so they decided to become true patriots and value only American values.  They claimed due process and transparency are important, making their opponents un-American.  They think they lost though, which does not bode well for our nation’s pride, but does bode well for uniqueness on soft power advantages.  

Ben/Ryan (gov): Continuing the drug related topics, they cooperated with the Mexican government to take the fight to the cartels.  Notably, this was the only round the government defended using drones for violent actions.  

Cal/Graham (opp): The gov defended using drones for reconisance because it is cheaper than training pilots for air planes.  They warranted this argument with, “Tons of people play video games, and you just need a computer wiz.”  Unlike previous quotes, this is actually word for word what they said.  Cal went spiraling into a fit of depression because this convinced him we were 0-2.  We think we won though.  

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