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Best tournament ever

Chocolate chip cookies with milk shots. Words cannot describe the quality of this idea. Advertisements

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Continuing Tradition

The shear amount of debate has sounded the death tollfor my ability to include jokes in these updates.   Semi-Finals: THBT austerity is preferable to bankruptcy.  (You thought it was going to end with stimulus didn’t you.  We did too.  We … Continue reading

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Cal and Graham have made it to the finals of state and in yet another Cannon River Showdown they are facing St. Olaf.


Previously on Battlestar Galactica

Quarterfinals: THBT dependance on hydraulic fracking is an unsustainable energy policy.   Cal and Graham continued destroying parlimentary debate by running a facts case with three necessary but insufficient burdens for the opposition and linking offense to each burden.  To be sustainable an … Continue reading


We’re more popular than we thought ‘Bout time we got some Cannon River blog rivalry going.  

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Minnesota Nice Racism

So the banquet began normally, old white people talked about their graduating seniors.  Then one particular old white guy stood up to talk about his graduating senior who happend to be not white. Apparently, upon this senior’s entrance into the forensics room … Continue reading


Going Postal, By Carleton Debate

So global warming, loss of carbon sinks, evaporation of the Ganges River, lack of innercity education, the death of democracy are all caused by the United States Post Office.  But if Cal wants to send his grandparents a baseball bat, … Continue reading

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