How things are actually going,

In the first round we hit a team where the only thing more Minnesotan then their arguments were their accents. The topic was “TH would unleash… the MONSTER!”. As Gov we took the monster to mean US economic growth and innovation and our plan was to close a loop hole in immigration policy. Round two the topic was “TH would Google it”. Our opponents plan was for Mexico to formalize the process of technology in the drug war. We were caught off guard and should have lost the round but afterwards we realized there were some inherency arguments that should have been made. Round three was “TH believes it is scary to go it alone”. We rather cleverly interpreted the resolution so that this house was the government of Iran and we should unilaterally give up are nuclear program. Yeah someone had to argue against that. Round four was also Iran but with the resolution being “TH would let Rome burn”. The St. Olaf’s team’s,plan was to not intervene in Iran. We talked about how this also meant we couldn’t intervene militarily and then something about how bad it would be if they got the bomb. Don’t worry I said that nuclear was a infinite impact and we must “try or die” to avoid it. This ends the prelims rounds. We then broke (yay us) and hit a Olaf team in quarters. The topic was “TH would tax the church”. We were opp and not surprisingly their plan was to tax the religious institutions though it did have a few interesting things about it: first it would only tax some religious institutions– the wealthiest 50% and it would tax 15% of their “profits”.  I put profits in quotes because religious institutions are non-profits organizations so they legally can’t have profits so what they are actually taxing is sort of wishy washy. We also talked about how the power to tax was the power to destroy citing of course McCulloch v. Maryland. We also talked about how once you start taxing religious organization there is no stop to it and this power to tax could be used to discriminate. We also said their plan was already discriminatory by only taxing rich institution effectively targeting certain religions. Because of this I may or may not have compared their plan to racist legislation in the south prior to the civil rights movement. Anyway that is where we are waiting for semis to be posted.

-Miles and Ben

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5 Responses to How things are actually going,

  1. Cap'n Kirkneil says:

    Hell yes “try or die,” best and most convincing rhetorical device ever invented in debate, seriously. Also, I like how every resolution from prelims is the kind of metaphorical crazy one that we all confidently assured the newcomers to the team would hardly EVER come up in real tournaments… wellllll here’s me with my foot in my mouth (and my eyebrows waay up in my forehead with incredulity at the sanity of the resolution-makers)

  2. carldebate says:

    Or walk home for you guys… Glad to see the blog is still going strong! (Though someone should update the officers section and make me, Emily, Gabe, and Justin emeriti..)

    PS. I checked earlier in the day for updates but there were none so I was playing around with the Stats part of the site — I thought you’d all be amused to know that someone came to our blog through a google search of “bumblefuck, mn”

    Anyway, I’ve been rooting for you guys from Liverpool.

    – Laura

  3. carldebate says:

    The team we took out in quarters actually is in the same car that we are. The joke in the round was that no matter how the judges voted they were going to create an awkward car ride home.

  4. Graham says:

    I like how your are consistently eliminating the people who drove you to the tournament.

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