Somewhat unfortunate news flash

Well, Carleton debate goes out winners. That’s the important thing. Unfortunately, we’re also sort of pariahs. But, uh, whatever.

Bottom line: we just revealed to the tournament organizer that we can’t stay for any of the elimination rounds tomorrow. He was a bit angry, and demanded that we forfeit this round, rather than potentially forfeit the next round. We apologized, profusely, and got the reassurances of several different coaches that we’d done the right thing by revealing it now, and not earlier or later. So…yeah. We’re going to get the hell out of here before the team we just beat finds out about this.

This does not diminish our achievements. David and Graham are awesome. But we may have caused a minor incident. Whatever. Can’t please everybody. Thanks to everybody who’s followed us and offered support!

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5 Responses to Somewhat unfortunate news flash

  1. EMILY says:

    Wait, so is what happened that you made travel arrangements under the (typically reasonable) assumption that nobody would be making it to outrounds? How did this problem happen?

    In any case my heart SWELLS WITH PRIDE to see Carleton Debate thriving so wonderfully. Maybe now you guys can get more funding!!! maybe

    • carldebate says:

      Emily – I believe my exact words were “if you guys make it to octas, clearly the world is coming to an end in 2012 anyway, so we’ll have bigger problems than getting back to school”

    • carldebate says:

      We made these arrangements because we couldn’t afford anything else–we didn’t have the money for another night in a hotel, and it was going to be $400-$500 more to fly back later, which was money we didn’t have. So, yeah, now we have a pretty persuasive case for more funding.

      • carldebate says:

        Definitely. After spending finals period seeing facebook statuses from model un about the amazing meals they were having on their food stipends a strongly worded email to lee clark has been forming in my head.

  2. carldebate says:

    Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh booooooy. Well, i bet College of Idaho CG is happy. You guys may have to enter NPDA under a pseudonym next year, though. On the bright side, Justin, NO LONGER OUR PROBLEM.

    (But seriously, everyone was awesome and you should be proud of your accomplishments in debate as well as the leadership everyone demonstrated in making that call —- I’m kvelling.)

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