A Sad Finish to a Successful Weekend

Despite plowing through the competition in Octas, Quarters, and Semis, Graham and David ended up losing in finals to St Olaf on a 2-1 decision. It was a fairly good debate, but in the opinion of this author, the decision of the judges was probably justified. It was just one of those close rounds that came down to a gut check type issue.

In other news, David got 7th speaker, Cal got 4th, and Justin got 3rd! Congrats, Justin and Cal, on your speaking plaques and being awesome speakers!

Also congrats to Raghav and Miles on a VERY impressive breakout performance — semi-finals! Very, very well done, you two have a lot to be proud of about the way you persevered this weekend. And of course, congrats to Cal and Justin on breaking as well — job well done, team whose average height is a meaningless statistic.

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One Response to A Sad Finish to a Successful Weekend

  1. Justin says:

    Wait, we got plaques? That’ll teach me to leave the tournament early. I’ll have to pick that up next week.
    Anyway, I’ll second the congratulations that were extended to everybody. Well, except for those directed at me, because that would just be arrogant.

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