Update from fleet vehicle #3

On to octas (I know, right??!?) tomorrow:


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3 Responses to Update from fleet vehicle #3

  1. Torre says:

    Well, Northfield closeout regardless (what a rare and unexpected occurrence… =/). Hoping for the best for both teams… but also about to start traveling back to MN, so losing internet access for the next five-ish hours. Therefore, someone should text me with outcomes. Yes? Wonderful. ❤

  2. DavMac says:

    Update: Graham and I just debated St Olaf in one semifinal round, Raghav and Miles debated the other St Olaf team in the other. Awaiting results now… D + G feel good about their round, R + M feel not so good about how theirs went.

  3. Torre says:

    Congrats to all of you, and good luck today.

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