The Cannon River Closeout

After destroying the super-PACs, re-conceptualizing congressional ethics, and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol in under 4 hours, the semi-finals was all Carleton and St. Olaf teams. Needless to say, nearly every introduction referenced that we could have just walked across the street to debate and/or our exceptionally violent hockey rivalry.

The topic for semifinals was: TH would reevaluate its past to improve its future. David and Graham decided to have Obama ratify Kyoto and have a summit that would magically get every other country to agree to more emission standards and solve the net befit of Olaf’s counterplan. It would have been the most successful international summit in history. Or a vacuous, illusory, and meaningless construction of fiat. One of the two.

Raghav and Miles debated credit default swaps. Raghav says he had no idea what was going on. Miles thought he did, but turns out credit default swaps are not the same as mortgage backed securities. There was a lot of econ jargon, regulation, and a lack of T.

Optimal result: no final round. But unfortunately there is, Graham and David are debating Olaf for the 3rd time this tournament. Which coach-less team will ride to victory? Who knows, but we do know that Justice, that’s right capital J Justice, will prevail.

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2 Responses to The Cannon River Closeout

  1. DavMac says:

    We’re pretty sure we lost in finals… but I guess we’ll see. A semis closeout for coachless teams/ Nofo is a successful tournament indeed!

  2. carldebate says:

    Eagerly awaiting news on 5th Libe… No matter what, another year of showing MCFA what student run debate teams can do (besides, you know, be incapable of starting cars and delaying entire tournaments before they even begin) is a good year!


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