The Greeks: To hell with them

Resolved: The EU should withdraw Greece’s membership.

Carleton was exclusively Gov on this one, so we knew that Greece wasn’t going to come out looking very good. Or, maybe we’d all lose, and Greece would look great. Who knows! We were, after all, on the wrong side of the issue, which can cause some problems. Graham and David went up against a good St. Olaf team, in front of a very policy-oriented judge. Apparently, they just got beat. Badly. The judge told them that they were screwed from the beginning with the topic, and should have run wipeout. Wipeout!

Anyway, Laura and Chris’s round, in their words (approximately): “They spent the first speech responding to our first advantage. Then they presented a new counterplan in the MOC, whose only advantage was…our first advantage.” –Chris. “So it’s one of those rounds that we should have won, which means we probably lost.” –Laura. Gosh, pessimism is kinda infectious.

Raghav/Miles: “Our opponent’s MOC was two minutes long.”

Cal/Justin: We waited half an hour for the other team, and in the meantime had a conversation with our judge. Seems she was a former policy debater, and was curious about Carleton’s team. We got to talking about judging paradigms, and the Brett Favre Marijuana round came up. Apparently, she was judging another team on that topic back two years ago–that team used the Brett Favre topic to talk about gay marriage. She voted them down…on T. Needless to say, this was an encouraging conversation.

Cal and Justin (I guess I’m abandoning the first person here for a minute) essentially ran the resolution as their plan text, then talked about the collapse of the Greek economy and political system, and the impending collapse of the European economy as a whole. The other team answered case, then ran six ‘disads’ in two minutes. One of the disads, in its entirety: “Greece will create more tariffs, and that’s bad.” It devolved into a debate over what collapses the economy faster: kicking Greece out, or keeping them in. Fortunately for Cal and Justin, most of the opp’s DAs impacted in things like “People will hate the Germans!” and “The rich people will leave Greece and create a huge refugee problem!” and “Europe won’t be able to get its supply of olives!” Hence, the duo feels rather good about the round.

In other news, Laura attended the coaches’ meeting (if that’s how it’s spelled), and was mostly bored. They gave her a gluten-free meal, which consisted of…ham. Just ham. She was just finishing telling the rest of the team how boring the meeting was, when another coach came up, and started talking enthusiastically about how great the meeting was, and how awesome it was that Laura had gone there, voted, and ‘had her voice heard’. Laura sheepishly agreed that the meeting was of a very high quality, and the coach moved on.

Round 3 is at 3:30, so we’ve still got an hour left in our three-plus-hour break. Ain’t it great, not being double-entered?

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