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A Sad Finish to a Successful Weekend

Despite plowing through the competition in Octas, Quarters, and Semis, Graham and David ended up losing in finals to St Olaf on a 2-1 decision. It was a fairly good debate, but in the opinion of this author, the decision … Continue reading

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Gluten free granola

So I’m sitting in Burton dining hall, checking on updates from the tournament while all my friends got up to get more food. I can’t figure out how to comment from my phone, so I’m writing my own waiting-for-finals result … Continue reading

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Wasabi Peas

Oh, don’t mind us, just snackin’ on wasabi peas in the awards hall, waiting to find out results. Well, I’m snacking on wasabi peas, Miles is helping occasionally, Raghav is ranting about something to do with down syndrome, Graham is … Continue reading

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The Cannon River Closeout Pt 2

Finals have finally concluded. The topic was Resolved: in the presidential race, character matters. There were arguments made, tears shed, and indecipherable judge nods given. Once again making Gabe cringe, a facts case was ran by David and Graham. There … Continue reading

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The Cannon River Closeout

After destroying the super-PACs, re-conceptualizing congressional ethics, and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol in under 4 hours, the semi-finals was all Carleton and St. Olaf teams. Needless to say, nearly every introduction referenced that we could have just walked across the … Continue reading


Update on elims

Miles and Raghav were one of the two 4-0 teams, and so they got the bye in partial octos. Cal and Justin will flip for sides against Concordia DK. One half of that team is triple-entered, though, and so their … Continue reading

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Update from fleet vehicle #3

On to octas (I know, right??!?) tomorrow: Justin/Cal David/Graham Miles/Raghav