Super exciting update from sunny Mankato, MN

Well, the most important thing for all of our loyal followers to know is that our esteemed co-captain, Mr. McNeil, is “very creeped out” by this city. It evidently came straight from the 1980s, and no amount of Chipotles would persuade him otherwise. Fortunately, this has not affected his debating thus far.

Graham and David have had an interesting few rounds–in their first, they decided that the US Republican Party would wholeheartedly endorse a flat tax system. Oh, and then they kicked their plan in the PMR. So that happened.

Their next round, on the topic “This house believes that Syria is next,” their opponents decided to define ‘next’ as ‘next to not get invaded’. Unsurprisingly, this went poorly for the opposing team.

Miles and Justin are a bit unsure of their standing at the moment. They drew the right side of the debate on the flat tax resolution–flat taxes are bad, by the way–but were a bit mystified when their opponents advocated a flat tax that also had scaling tax breaks…making it essentially progressive. So, topicality happened. Miles and Justin were not in front of Marijuana Guy, and so there’s a chance they won.

The next round–the Syria one–saw Miles and Justin being deceived by a devious team from the Dakotas. Not knowing much about Syria, we allowed them to make up things that evidently weren’t true at all, and there’s a good chance they won on those things. Oops.

Despite all this, spirits remain high after a trip to Panera Bread and, later, a Dairy Queen. Yeah, no Culver’s. Heathens.

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5 Responses to Super exciting update from sunny Mankato, MN

  1. Emilyyyy says:

    Wait a sec… if Lauras not writing these blog posts, then who is? ???

    Also, who told you guys it was okay to not go to Culvers? Cuz I’m pretty sure it’s not!

    • carldebate says:

      This one was Justin’s. He and I switched off writing updates on this tournament–Laura wasn’t there, Justin’s actually amusing, and I… had nothing better to do.

  2. Don’t forget about the part where Graham laughed so hard that he cried while we were eating at Panera bread… it’s ok Graham, we know you’re sad about being a vegan, but you’ll come around.

    Ok to be fair the reality was that Graham was laughing so hard because of Miles’ extremely funny and even more non sequitur comment when he interjected that the Montana state football team crushes everyone. Picture a hearty Russian Rasputin type, all wild-eyed and bushy-bearded, screaming “we crush them!!” while banging his first on the table at a Panera bread and you will have a pretty idea of what happened.

  3. Carleton Debate Fan says:

    I love this blog… please keep updating!

  4. carldebate says:

    No Culvers!??! HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF TRADITION?!? (But there is a Chipotle in Mankato now?!? Sweet!) Yeah, but as much as I hate to agree with David, that general area does kind of give me the creeps. (I think some sort of alarm goes off whenever David or I step on Bethany’s campus…)

    – Laura

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