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So, despite the caps-locked declaration at the end of our last post, Carleton MT did, in fact, lose against Ripon JK. Have we found a new Axis of Evil? Perhaps, but I think we’re all convinced that the true evil … Continue reading


High drama in Bumblefuck, MN

Today, the Carleton debate team learned a number of things. We learned that you don’t need to have impacts to win a round. We learned that Ripon JK is, indeed, not just kidding. And most importantly, we learned that David … Continue reading


This house would throw a dog a bone.

Graham/David: Get rid of the electoral college, appease Occupy Wall Street and pretty much everyone except people in rural areas. Justin/Miles: Create a new Works Progress Administration. The dog is the unemployed in America, which is decidedly offensive, but oh … Continue reading

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Super exciting update from sunny Mankato, MN

Well, the most important thing for all of our loyal followers to know is that our esteemed co-captain, Mr. McNeil, is “very creeped out” by this city. It evidently came straight from the 1980s, and no amount of Chipotles would … Continue reading