Somehow, it Always Comes Back to Light Rail…

The United States should significantly invest in earthquake preparedness.
(UCLA was “very disappointed” by the decision. Plus one for Minnesota teams/judges!)

The USFG should significantly increase its support for nuclear power in the United States.

In the instance of Bahrain, United States support of a despot is justified.

The United States support of a despot in Yemen is unjustified.
(Yemeni zombies are a big problem apparently…)

Everyone put up a good fight at what was a particularly tough NPDA. Emily and Gabe ended their debate careers in style, while Graham and David carried on the proud Carleton tradition of going 4-4 at Nats…

There was some NPDA drama in double octas, and the tournament is currently running about four hours behind schedule. Needless to say, Glenn Prince’s head is about to explode and we’re killing time in good old Armstrong 361. Right now Graham, David, Justin, Bob, and Sarah are deep into an intense Magic game, Kjirstin and Torre are asleep, and Emily and Gabe are on their fifteenth hour of Pokemon for the weekend…

We return to Minnesota tomorrow (though David, Graham, and Emily don’t have seat assignments…) I think we’ll all be sad to leave our view of the Rockies, but it’ll be nice to be home…

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One Response to Somehow, it Always Comes Back to Light Rail…

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, Bob and I kicked their asses (OK, so not really. I basically just sat there and watched while others strategized). Let me just say this: huge kudos to the entire team for a) being awesome, b) enduring yet another year of not breaking with grace and dignity, c) discovering the awesome TV show “Gold Rush, Alaska”, and d) being comprised of interesting, engaging, intelligent, and good-natured individuals. Hint hint: we really enjoyed meeting y’all!

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