Mankato, MCFA Style.

Well, the debate team once again finds themselves in the hallowed halls of Bethany Lutheran College, in Mankato, Minnesota.

We’ve only had one round so far: Minnesota should change its voter registration laws. (Or something like that…)

Other than that, Broderick has joined us as a judge, and is now currently getting to know (/traumatizing, probably) the freshmen.

More later.

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1 Response to Mankato, MCFA Style.

  1. Sarah says:

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! And Hi/Love to Broderick!

    And Laura, not sure how often you’re checking your email, so I’ll put it here, too (since apparently you’re updating this at the tourney. SCHWEET):
    At the dinner/senior roast thing, you absolutely MUST make mention of the fact that Gabe and Emily are the third installment in the very proud tradition of Carleton Debate captains getting hot’n heavy with a lass from the debate team. You also might mention that the first two installments either are married or will be soon, so Gabe and Emily better watch out.

    The second installment can’t wait to see you all soon, in less than a month!

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