Carleton dominates at PLUM #3


a quasi-live report by Emily Cogsdill, with textual assistance from Laura Michel and I guess also David McNeil

Gabe Davis and Justin Moor reached semifinals. In what must have been a gloriously exciting round, they were bested by their own teammates… David McNeil and Graham Tierney! My heart is broken that I could not be there!

Having made it to the FINAL ROUND, David and Graham were presented with a perennial foe of the Carleton Debate team: Bethel BB. I don’t know the details yet, but through hard work and probably a lot of fast talking, David and Graham became the FIRST CARLETON TEAM to beat Bethel BB… out of the now five Carleton teams that have gone up against them: Emily/Forrest, Emily/Laura, Gabe/Justin (twice!), Kjirsten/Raghav, and now David/Graham, the victors.

More details forthcoming once our heroes actually come home. In the meantime, congrats on an appropriately fantastic tournament, Carleton Debate!

I would be lying if I said I’m not wetting myself right now.

– Emily, aka I should really be drawing up our budget spreadsheet right now because currently we don’t have one, lol whoops

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2 Responses to Carleton dominates at PLUM #3

  1. David McNeil says:

    Someone with the copy of the tournament packet will be able to give full details of all the records and happenings, I’m sure, but here’s a bit of a teaser for those of you eager fans/ supporters out there:

    Round One – This House would sacrif…ice quality to cut costs
    Round Two – This House prefers science fiction to science fact (you are not misreading this. Justin had to debate Opp on this one and it almost killed him, let me tell you!)
    Round Three – A case study about an old farmer who hit another old farmer with a plum crate. An old mother and allegations of felonious behavior were invoked. Sounds like an intriguing premise for a Poirot mystery, but really it just led to a lot of stupid values debates.

    BRONZE/ SILVER ROUND (semis) –
    Turns out Justin and Gabe were 3-0, 2nd seed. Myself and Graham were 2-1, 3rd seed. So, sadly, we hit, debating the topic:
    “This House would make a change to the permanent members of the UN Security Council.”

    We were discussing beforehand how silly we wanted the round to be… but it seemed like there wasn’t much to do here (given the resolution) to make things crazy or otherwise interesting. That is… until Gabe and Justin on the Gov came up with the advocacy of just abolishing the Security Council altogether! It was a fascinating debate with lots of back and forth, and lots of brilliant jokes as well as excellent presence and speaking skills from Graham’s and my esteemed teammates/ opponents, Justin and Gabe. In the end, Graham and I emerged victorious in what can only be described as a debate for the ages.

    GOLD ROUND (finals) –
    To no one’s surprise, given that fate always seemed to conspire to arrange these sorts of climatic (though until now ultimately disappointing) face-offs between Carleton and Bethel BB, Graham and I faced Bethel BB in finals. The resolution: This House would reevaluate the student evaluation system. Graham and I, on the Gov, ran a plan about how states should abolish Standardized Exit Exams/ high stakes exams (i.e. standardized exams that students have to pass to graduate). Both sides had their moments, it was a hard fought debate, and in the end it must be said that none of the ballots really truly had anything to do with many of the issues brought up as important in the latter part of the round by either side (but that’s just judging for you, I guess). At the end of the day, with a lot of luck and support from our teammates, we managed to take down the evil empire — to fire the proverbial laser into that one hole in the Death Star, if you will. A slim 2-1 decision, but a favorable decision nonetheless. Victory for for the Carleton debating Knights at last!

  2. Sarah says:

    EPIC CONGRATULATIONS are due to the illustrious Carleton Debate. Glasses (and one pet bowl) shall be raised in your honor this very evening!

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