Right Now, It’s More Like the TIRED Viking!

I always kind of had a secret desire to be on Victory Briefs, so this LIVE REPORT from Bethany Lutheran College is kind of the same thing?

We are a few hours into the long break between second and third rounds at the Vocal Viking. After a (apparently traditional?) lunch at Culver’s we’ve returned to the hallowed halls of Bethany Lutheran.

Emily is currently sound asleep on the floor. She didn’t even wake up when they came with the loud hydraulic lift to fix the light in the ceiling; I was quite impressed. Kjirstin and Graham are also down and out. Raghav is seriously typing at his computer, but I’m suspicious as to whether he’s actually writing a paper or just playing some sort of game. Gabe is awake as well, but chances are he’s on a Wikipedia binge of some sort. David looks quite enthralled at whatever he’s reading… Although, he hasn’t moved in a while so he’s probably asleep too. Justin is holding a book, which is at least more of an attempt at productivity than any of the rest of us have made.

For those of you actually interested in the debate shenanigans, the two resolutions thus far have been:

RESOLVED: The United States should take the fight to the cartels. Gabe and Justin hit a, um, interesting case in which cartel was defined as terrorism in Pakistan with a plan of increasing drone attacks. Regardless of the plan’s topicality, as anyone who was at Nationals knows, it truly is best to ground the drones.

The next resolution was: This house believes that political action committees do more harm than good. It was an quite an educational round for the Carleton Forensics Society, given that many of us are not quite sure was PACs really were. We learned that there are crazy secessionists in Belgium, a fact of which Justin was woefully unaware. Additionally, Graham and David (actually, apparently that was also Justin and Gabe… I listen, sometimes) learned about this really great guy in North Dakota who is running for state senate. (However, rumor has it that he slept with your wife and shot your dog. Or slept with your dog and shot your wife. The details are still a bit fuzzy…)

Overall, the Vocal Viking has been a great success! They’re probably posting soon, so I’m going to go check that out.

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