Tales from Third Libe and Other Adventures.

Since Sarah is really the only one who reads this, I’m going to start with the Debate Party (that’s right…. party with a capital P) last night. While not up to Burton 226 standards quite yet, it was very successful! Starting with the fact that more than three people came and everyone stayed for a few hours, we’re definitely making progress. Granted, we have a long way to go until Nats, but the future looks bright. Although I would encourage everyone to think of a new instruction for tens before the next party….

All that actual Debate stuff is going well too. Gabe and Justin are doing a wonderful job of teaching Parli to everyone. And I managed to make it through three practices before anyone realized I actually don’t know much about debate theory/mechanics! So basically everything is right on schedule.

Debate dinner was interrupted last week due to class picnics, but I’m hoping the Class of 1951 meeting room in the back of the LDC will be a lot less empty this Tuesday!

Well, it’s getting late and I need to go read a book called Stigma for my 395, which is, about people who don’t fit in are treated by society. Or something like that, I’m only on page 20. It’s a very interesting book, but the author uses quotes from Ann Landers columns a little too often for me to take it super seriously.

SEE YUH! (I hate myself a little for writing that, but you have to play to the audience a bit, right?)

– Laura “Laura — Seriously Can I get a Real Nickname?” Michel

PS. I think I may have hit my peak with the first post. So if anyone wants to guest post (Sarah, or whoever else is the one viewer a day…) let me know and I’d be happy to give you the password.

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One Response to Tales from Third Libe and Other Adventures.

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, I’m probably that one daily reader. Sketch, I know, but that’s hardly surprising! Glad to hear the party went well, and especially that newbies showed up (at least that is what I infer from your description of it as a success). But a new action for 10 cards, eh? You could turn it all binary and tack on that NSW “game” wherein that person says one true thing (1) and one false thing (0) about themselves, and the group has to decide which is true and which is false. But that might also be lame. I’ll put the question to Bob (since he obviously doesn’t read this!) and we’ll see if we can come up with anything else).

    Regarding the actual practices, I have always maintained that the social secretary / female in charge doesn’t really need to know anything about debate, as long as she’s enthusiastic about it 1/3 of the time. But you all may be moving on to a brighter, more informed era, so there’s that.

    Normally I’d jump at the chance to reinvolve myself in all your debate shenanigans, but alas– I fear my guest posts would either be uselessly uninformed (given that I know nothing about your current practice schedule or anything like) or depressingly nostalgic (given how much I miss being involved in practice schedules and anything like). Perhaps you can recruit one of your froshlings into writing a narrative of their learning experience with debate?

    Enjoy your stigma book… I think books like that must be a requirement for 395s, because I distinctly recall reading a book about poverty in Paris (or something like that) for my 395. Or it could be that 395 topics lend themselves to that sort of subject. Regardless, have fun with Ann Landers!

    Send my love to the team, and Bob and Mega’s as well!

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