Hello World!

So WordPress had this lame first post entitled “hello-world”. It said I could either delete it or edit it. I’ve decided that “Hello World!” is a good title for a first post, so I wouldn’t delete it. I did, however, change the title from “Hello world!” to “Hello World” because the lack of capitalization was bothering my mild OCD. Now, I realize that you only capitalize the first word of every sentence, but I’m a big fan of capitalizing titles. And Emily stupidly gave me the password, so I can do things like that.

A whole paragraph dedicated to two words and an exclamation mark, this is why some people shouldn’t be allowed to blog.

Anyway, I’m eager to see what Emily has planned for this page. Having been a part of some of Emily’s other plans, I won’t lie; I’m a bit concerned. Luckily, my name is third on the “About Us” page (no favoritism going on there, Emily?), so I can’t be blamed for too much, right?

I hope everyone is having a good summer. I have this grand idea in my head that involves a spreadsheet of all possible tournaments, potential costs, registration dates, and deadlines for making hotel reservations, etc. We’ll see if it ever comes to fruition, but I’ll have three weeks in between work ending and going back to Minnesota, so I imagine at one point I’ll get bored enough with watching hours of TV and that may actually happen. In the meantime, I’m on my day off right now, using my cousin’s computer in Newport, RI, thus why I can actually stay online for longer than five minutes to write (confession: i originally wrote “right” instead of “write” I don’t know why, but I blame camp for rotting my brain) this.

Well this unnecessary post is even more unnecessarily long (confession: I originally wrote “wrong” instead of “long” can’t explain that one). I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my day off from living with 16 12-year-olds. Which is mostly fun, minus the stomach bug that has been going around. More glamorous parts of my job include cleaning up vomit at 1:30 am. Bonus points when the girl is on a top bunk. More bonus points when she vomits again in the shower. Bet you’re glad I told that story!? (Emily, please don’t change the password…)

Are we supposed to sign at the bottom so it’s clear who wrote the post? I’m going to.

– Laura “Laura” (Can I get a real nickname?) Michel

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One Response to Hello World!

  1. Emily says:

    I don’t remember giving you the password!!!!

    just kidding. This blog post is really inspired. I think your spreadsheet sounds like an awesome idea; we need to really step it up this year and hopefully attract more bright-eyed kidlets to continue the debate legacy!

    Hey, maybe we should post something on the Class of 2014 facebook group… *plot plot scheme*

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